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Flatlift Showroom in Worms

Flatlift Showroom

Since the 20th of February 2018 you can visit the Flatlift Product Showroom in Worms at the headquarters of Flatlift every day during the opening hours. You are also welcome to make an appointment by appointment outside the opening hours.

In the Flatlift showroom we show all available Flatlift products, starting with the simple Flatlift TV lift systems for furniture integration, over ceiling lift solutions, to moving wall panels, picture lift systems and systems which allow a Flat TV to be retractable integrated into the floor Whole accessible when retracted and even 180 ° rotatable when extended.

All systems are installed so that you can look "behind the scenes". So you can see for example in all Flatlift devices how they have been integrated into the furniture and how to lay clean and exactly the cables in the furniture.

By visiting the Flatlift showroom, you can be inspired and can certainly understand and understand one or the other better.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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