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Display Desk-Lift Monitor-Lift Monitor-Lift -

”Elegant monitor lift solution for desk integration.“

Display Desk-Lift Monitorlift


Typical product installations

  • The Flatlift Display Desklift System is available for monitors up to 32 inch
  • 19 inch Flatlift Desklift System installes in a christian university
  • 10 inch Flatlift Monitorlift System and a Flatlift Projector desklift installed into a conference table
  • 19 inch Flatlift Monitorsystem

For invisible vertical integration of 15” to 28” monitors in conference tables or writing desks. The monitor lift is mounted flush with the desk surface in a Monitor-lift case. The lid of the monitor-lift system, available in black or brushed stainless steel, folds in automatically and gives way to the monitor being lifted. When fully moved out, the monitor can also be tilted electrically. The Monitor Desk-Lift Series is compatible with all multi-room controls available on the market.

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Product Views

Product Views

Technical data

Display dimensionsDisplay weightFitting dimensions

28 inches

H = max. 470 mm

W = max. 680 mm

D = max. 90 mm

max. 8 kg

800 N

W = 750 mm
D = 190 mm
H = 500 mm
Lifting limitNoise levelRoom control
–– < 45 dB connection possible RS232 / RS485
Lifting / lifting speedinclinationWarranty

470  mm

10 mm/sec
5 years full service


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Delivery includes

Delivery includes

Flat­lift Display Desk-Lift, 120 V power cord

Price on request. Product number: FL-10028XL (EOL-End of life)

Flatlift APP available now!

Flatlift APP available now!

Operate your Flatlift via smartphone,
tablet or iPhone with our unique Flatlift App.
Read more about in our blog.

10 Years Guarantee!

10 Years Guarantee!

Flatlift offers a 10 year guarantee starting at the silver series. As an extra there are many other special services provided for your no worries tv-lift project.

<span class= Savings tip: Get your Flatlift at a special price">

Savings tip: Get your Flatlift at a special price

Save yourself some money with a demonstration model. Ask for available models: +49 (0) 6241 30560 0.



Monitor Lift - How to use

By using a Monitor lift System you can integrate a pc monitor into a conference table or counter desk. Flatlift offers different monitorlift sizes. The monitor lift is a state of the art product. Using stainless steel for top covering plate. Before the monitorlift moves out the pc monitor, a stainless steel flap will open and move into the monitorlifts case to make the way free for the monitor. Once the monitor iu up, another stainless steel plate which is located under the monitor is closing the hole direct under the monitor. Either you can tilt the monitor backwards to have another viewing position. If this monitor lift system doesn´t match your requierements please do contact us. Flatlift has big expierience in custom made monitor lift projects.

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