”TV lift panel mechanism for individual room concepts.“

Moving panel mechanism


Typical product installations

  • 50 inch panel mover system
  • 50 inch panel mover system

The flat screen is flush with a partition and, at the push of a button, disappears behind a wall panel of any size exactly matching the visible wall. A panel lifting system unobtrusively integrates the AV technology, without the general impression of the room being affected. The Mover Panel Lift is available for flat screens with a diagonal of up to 103” and impresses with its extremely quiet lifting action as well as Hot Panel Secure with gentle Soft Start & Stop. Remote control included. Mover products are compatible with all multi-room controls available on the market.

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Product Views

Product Views

Technical data

TV dimensionsPanelweightFitting dimensions

30 – 42 inches

H = max. 650 mm

D = max. 110 mm

(W = not relevant)

max. 15 kg

150 N

incl. casing
W = variable
D = variable
H =1600 mm
Lifting limitNoise levelRoom control
adjustable < 45 dB connection possible
Lifting / lifting speedWarranty 

160 mm

10 mm/sec

5 years full service

30 years LRCL*



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Delivery includes

Delivery includes

Flat­lift Mover Moving Panel mechanism, micro-processor control box, 230 V power cord, motor cable, 12 V wall power supply for radio receiver, 433.92 Mhz 2-channel radio receiver, 433.92 Mhz 2-channel radio transmitter

Price on request. Product number: 20060

NEW: Garbage can lift system from TONNEO

NEW: Garbage can lift system from TONNEO

With the Flatlift garbage can lift you can bring your garbage bins out of sight and simply stow them in a shaft. Available for 3/4/6 garbage cans.

10 Years Guarantee!

10 Years Guarantee!

Flatlift offers a 10 year guarantee starting at the silver series. As an extra there are many other special services provided for your no worries tv-lift project.

UV-C room air disinfection systems

UV-C room air disinfection systems

From now on we have UV-C room fans for room air disinfection in our portfolio. The UV-C radiation kills bacteria and viruses in the room air to 99.95%. This improves the room air and reduces the potential risk of infection for your employees from viruses in the room air to a minimum.



Moving panel mechanism - how to use

With a moving panel mechanism you can integrate a mordern new flat tv into a partition wall whilst a wall panel is closing the sight wall. Then, at a touch of a button on your remote control or home automation system, the sight wall panel moves into the partition wall and moves, depending of the built in parameters, up or down. When the sight wall panel is inside of the wall in endposition, the TV moves forwards into the hole which was made by the sight wall panel. In the forward endposition the TV is flush to the sight wall. This means that the wall panel is changed during this moving process to a TV. The moving panel mechanism changes the positions to access you watching TV. If you like our Flatlift moving panel mechanism we would be very happy to receive a like at Facebook. If you have any questions regarding Flatlift moving panel mechanism then Flatlift is proud to answer them all for you.

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