”Aesthetic projector lift integration for ceilings.“

Projector hidden invisibly in the ceiling


Typical product installations

  • Flatlift Thinline Projector lift installed in a office ceiling
  • Flatlift Thinline Projector Lift closed ceiling

Experience innovative technology and outstanding quality with the Flatlift Beamer Lift and Beamer Ceiling Lift. Perfect for any modern room design, this system offers long-lasting performance and impressive functionality. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Flatlift Thinline Beamer Ceiling Lift can be easily integrated into the smallest false ceilings, allowing it to fit seamlessly into any room concept and making it ideal for both private home cinemas and professional presentation environments.

The Thinline Beamer ceiling lift impresses with its smooth running, stability and extremely quiet noise level, which ensures an undisturbed listening experience even during demanding films or presentations. Freely adjustable end positions allow perfect adaptation to your needs, while the supplied radio remote control or a media room control unit ensures that the system can be controlled. Its quiet lifting movement and high quality testify to the reliability and durability of the Flatlift Beamer lift.

In addition, the Flatlift Thinline Beamer ceiling lift is compatible with all multi-room controls on the market, making it perfect for integration into your smart home system. Transform your room into the ultimate home cinema or professional presentation environment with this innovative and high-quality beamer ceiling lift. The seamless integration into your existing technology landscape allows you to conveniently control all functions and make the most of your beamer.

Through the use of high-quality materials and precise manufacturing processes, the Flatlift beamer lift is designed for a long service life and durable, reliable operation. This promise of quality is also reflected in the numerous positive customer reviews and the high level of satisfaction of our discerning clientele. Rely on Flatlift's experience and know-how to get the most out of your home cinema or presentation room.

Let the performance, durability and qualitative features of the Flatlift beamer lift and beamer ceiling lift convince you and get the best out of your home cinema or presentation room. Request your personal quotation today via the contact form and experience for yourself how this first-class system can revolutionise your room design.

With the Flatlift beamer lift and beamer ceiling lift, you can rely on a forward-looking solution that gives you access to the latest presentation technology and at the same time ensures an attractive and unobtrusive room design. Enjoy films, series or presentations in brilliant quality without having to compromise on room design.

Choose a product variant:

Product Views

Product Views

Technical data

Projector weightLifting / lifting speed

Lifting limit

max. 15 kg

150 N
200 mm 
35 mm/sec.


Projector dimensionsFitting dimensionsWarranty

H = max. 80 mm

W = max. 340 mm

D = max. 400 mm

B = 575 mm
(735 mm incl. mounting bracket)
D = 555 mm
H = 120 mm

5 years warranty

30 years LRCL*

Noise levelTrigger switch 
< 45 dB integrable  


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Delivery includes

Delivery includes

Flat­lift Thinline Projector Lift, hand-held switch, sub-structure rails, threaded rods for the sub-structure, radio receiver, hand-held radio transmitter, 12 V trigger control

Price on request. Product number: 10060



With this product, projectors with the dimensions (W / L / D)
340 mm x 400 mm x 80 mm without sub-structure can be installed within the lift. Larger projectors can be mounted underneath the board.

Up to 10 years manufacturer warranty!

Up to 10 years manufacturer warranty!

Flatlift offers a 10 year guarantee starting at the silver series.



Ceiling Projector lift - How to use

A Projector lift helps you to integrate a projector into the partition attic / ceiling. Mostly the Projector lifts are scissor lift systems with a moving platform. On this moving platform the projector is located at, incl. a cable management chain where you can manage the sourcing cables for the Projector during movement. Flatlift offers serveral Projector lift systems starting with 100cm, 200cm or 20cm of downward stroke. This means the distance of movement from the ceiling to its endplace once completly down extracted. Each System the height can be regulated by a regular screw driver direct at the motor. So you can set upper and lower endpoints. The Flatlift Projector lift can be covered with the same ceiling material as the rest of the ceiling has. So no one can imagine that your projector is stored in the ceiling. The Projector lift is hidden until it is needed. At a touch of a button the Projector lift drops down the Projector to its ideal viewing position. If you have any questions regarding Flatlift Projector lifts then please do not hestitate to contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions.

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