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Pop-Down TV ceiling lift


Typical product installations

  • TV Ceiling pop down lift installed at a US customer home
  • TV ceiling lift system in closed position
  • 50 inch Pop-Down system with additional automatic swivel
  • 50 inch pop-down system with additional automtomated swivel system
  • Flatlift Pop-Down custom made system with 3.5m stroke an automatic ceiling closing system
  • Flatlift Pop-Down custom made system with 3.5m stroke and automatic ceiling closing system
  • Flatlift Pop-Down custom made system automatic ceiling closing system
  • Pop-Down Lift ceiling closing mechnism in closed position
  • 50 inch pop-down system installed in a wintergarden

In particular in rooms with high ceilings, the TV Pop-Down ceiling lift version demonstrates its strength: programmable to millimetre precision and suitable for flat screens from 30” to 65”, it guarantees vibration-free and variable lowering. In combination with automatic covering and opening equipment like the Lid-O-Matic Series, an invisible installation of the Pop-Down ceiling TV lift is possible in any ceiling. With extremely quiet lifting action as well as Hot Panel Secure due to gentle Soft Start & Stop. Remote control included, lift programming is available optionally.

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Product Views

Product Views

Technical Drawing

Technical data

TV dimensionsTV weightFitting dimensions

30 – 42 inches

H = max. 630 mm

D = 120 mm

(W = not relevant)

max. 25 kg

450 N

incl. casing
B = 780 mm
T = 139 mm
H = 622 mm
Lifting limitNoise levelRoom control
only ex factory < 45 dB connection possible
Lifting / lifting speed Warranty

655 mm

38 mm/sec

10 years full service

30 years LRCL*


Request PDF Manual Product Datasheet PDF

Delivery includes

Delivery includes

Flat­lift Subcompact drop down lift, control box, 230 V power cord (integrated), motor cable (integrated), 12 V wall power supply for radio receiver, 433.92 Mhz 2-channel radio receiver, 433.92 Mhz 2-channel radio transmitter, automatic TV shutdown (optional)

Price on request. Product number: 10081

Flatlift APP available now!

Flatlift APP available now!

Operate your Flatlift via smartphone,
tablet or iPhone with our unique Flatlift App.
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10 Years Guarantee!

10 Years Guarantee!

Flatlift offers a 10 year guarantee starting at the silver series. As an extra there are many other special services provided for your no worries tv-lift project.

<span class= Savings tip: Get your Flatlift at a special price">

Savings tip: Get your Flatlift at a special price

Save yourself some money with a demonstration model. Ask for available models: +49 (0) 6241 30560 0.



Subcompact drop down lift - How to use

A subcompact drop down lift you can use to hide a tv inside a hanging kitchen cabinet. Due to its small built in dimensions a subcompact drop down lift can bestored in place where not enough space is available. Moving down a small TV up to sizes between 30 and 42 inch. This system lowers your TV at a touch of a button. If you are interested in subcompact drop down lift please do not hesitate to contact us. Flatlift is happy to answer you all questions regarding the subcompact drop down lift.

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