„Luxurious, multi-dimensional TV experience at the highest technical level!“

Slimline TV ceiling lift drop down and swivel


Typical product installations

  • 50 inch TV ceiling lift
  • 65 inch TV ceiling lift
  • 65 inch TV ceiling lift
  • 75 inch TV ceiling lift
  • 85 inch TV ceiling lift ceiling mount
  • 98 inch TV ceiling lift

Experience luxurious TV enjoyment with the Flatlift TV ceiling mount, which can be lowered electrically and rotated 360°. The rotatability offers architectural advantages and allows you to view the TV from different positions in the room without having to adapt the interior to the TV.

With the highest quality, durability and a 10-year warranty, this innovative product is perfect for sophisticated room concepts such as luxurious villas or yachts.

The Slimline TV ceiling lift is one of the flattest TV ceiling lifts on the market and is available for 32" 42" 48" 50" 55" 60" 65" to 75" 77" 85" & 98" flat screens. For extra large enjoyment, formats from 103" to 115" are even available.

Equipped with Hot Panel Secure for gentle Soft Start & Stop and electric lowering and 360° rotation, this Flatlift TV ceiling lift system offers an immersive viewing experience. It is compatible with all major multi-room controls and allows for seamless integration into your smart home system.

Request your customised quote today via the contact form and transform your living space with this premium Flatlift TV ceiling lift that offers flexible viewing options and an aesthetically pleasing design!

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Product Views

Product Views

Technical Drawing

Technical data

TV dimensionsTV weightFitting dimensions

up to 65 inches

H = max. 985 mm

W = max. 1550 mm

D = max. 160 mm

max. 90 kg

900 N

casing and veneer included
H = 1250 mm
W = 1800 mm
D = 200 mm
Lifting limitNoise levelRoom control
–– < 70 dB connection possible
Opening angle / speedWarranty 



10 years full service

30 years LRCL*


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Delivery includes

Delivery includes

Flat­lift Slimline TV flip down mount, control box, 230 V power cord, 24 V power supply, 433.92 Mhz 2-channel radio receiver, 433.92 Mhz 2-channel radio transmitter, automatic TV shutdown

Price on request. Product number: 10012

Up to 10 years manufacturer warranty!

Up to 10 years manufacturer warranty!

Flatlift offers a 10 year guarantee starting at the silver series.



TV flip down mount - How to use

With the TV flip down mount you can mount a TV into the partition wall of a room ceiling. By pressing the button of a remote control the TV flip down mount will fold down automatically from the rooms ceiling to bring your TV in best viewing position. Flatlift sells different TV flip down mounts for all kind of Flatscreen sizes. Flatlift also manufactures custom made TV flip down mounts which fulfill special customer requests, such as TV flip down mounts with TV drop down system. If you love this product we would be very happy to get some nice word on the web or at Facebook. If you have any questions regarding TV flip down mounts then we are happy to answer them.

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