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Pop-Up ECO TV Lift Mechanism


Typical product installations

  • Flatlift ECO650 installed in a funiture made by a swiss customer
  • ECO914 installed in a private DIY project in Austria
  • Flatlift ECO650
  • Flatlift ECO780
  • Flatlift ECO914
  • Flatlift ECO914
  • Flatlift ECO914
  • TV Lift furniture
  • Flatlift ECO installed in a design cube furniture
  • 52/60 Platinum TV Lift with automatic 360° swivel system
  • 52/60 Platinum TV Lift with automatic 360° swivel system
  • 52/60 Platinum TV Lift with automatic 360° swivel system

As an easy-to-install complete TV lift solution for floor and wall mounting, the Flatlift Pop-Up Economy series is the ideal entry-level model in the field of TV lift systems. The series offers outstanding quality features such as very quiet lifting movements, programmable remote control and universally adjustable TV mounts. The durability and reliability of the Flatlift products make them an excellent choice for your home.

The Flatlift ECO TV lift series is available in three product variants with travels of 650 mm, 780 mm and 914 mm, seamlessly covering all standard TV sizes on the market. Combining first-class performance, adaptability and an attractive price-performance ratio, the Flatlift Pop-Up Economy series is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable TV lift system.

Rely on Flatlift as your preferred provider of TV lift solutions and benefit from the high quality, durability and versatility of our products. Optimise your living space with a Flatlift TV lift and enjoy the attractive design and outstanding functionality that our TV lift systems offer you.

Transform your living space into a modern and functional home cinema experience with a Flatlift TV lift. By integrating our high-quality and durable TV lift systems into your home, you will benefit from the ultimate flexibility and appealing design that Flatlift has to offer. As well as being extremely quiet and easy to use, our TV lift solutions are built to last, providing you with years of comfort and reliability.

The Flatlift range offers a wide range of TV lift options for different applications, including floor, ceiling and wall mounting. Whether you prefer a minimalist design or are looking for a hidden solution for your TV, we have the perfect TV lift system to suit your needs.

Choose Flatlift, the market leader in TV lift systems, and experience the outstanding quality, durability and versatility of our products. Take the first step to optimise your home and create a unique entertainment experience that will impress your family and friends.

Choose a product variant:

Product Views

Product Views

Technical Drawing

Technical data

TV dimensionTV weightFitting dimensions

26 – 46 inches

H = max. 730 mm

T = max. 120 mm

(B = not relevant)

max. 55 kg

550 N

incl. casing
B = 660 mm
T = 120 mm
H = 749 mm
Lifting limitNoise levelRoom control
adjustable < 45 dB ––
Lifting / lifting speedPedestalWarranty

780 mm

35 mm/Sek.
B = 232 mm
T = 91 mm
3 Years


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Delivery includes

Delivery includes

Flat­lift Pop-Up TV lift mechanism, control box (integrated 230 V power cord), 433Mhz radio receiver and handheld radio transmitter, hand-held switch, (VESA max. 600x380)

Product number: 10078-780-3

Up to 10 years manufacturer warranty!

Up to 10 years manufacturer warranty!

Flatlift offers a 10 year guarantee starting at the silver series.

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