Flatlift linear actuators and linear motors.

Linear Motors / controlboxes

Typical product installations

  • A Bar with 2 Wine Bottles is moving straight out of the table

Flatlift linear actuators offer an incredibly wide range of applications. With an electric linear drive you can move, for example doors and drawers, our spindle drives you can use for a TV Lift DIY project. In general Flatlift provides different linear and spindle drives in order to implement a manual activity performend in an electrically motorized movement. Whetjer spindle drive, linear drive, or other electrical drives - Flatlift has the expertise from thousands of projects that are based in the area linear electric drive technology. Call us today to improve your Motion!


Here you can buy linear actuators and lifting columns and Linak Desk Frame 2 online around the clock.

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Product Views

Technical data


• 12 V DC motor
• Thrust up to 3500 N
• Small built-in dimension with short piston rod
eye and back fixture
• High-strength plastic housing protects motor and
• Colour: black
• Straight cable with mini fit connector (0.25 m)
• Built-in limit switches (not adjustable)
• Scratch and wear-resistant powder painting on
outer tube ø30 mm
• Strong wear and corrosion resistant stainless
steel inner tube
• Brake which increases the self-locking to
2500 N for FL10 with 6 mm pitch
• Noise level 48dB(A); measuring method
DS/EN ISO 3746, actuator not loaded
• Hall sensors (24 pulses per spindle revolution)
for exact positioning of memory control and
compatibility with FLC CBD
• Safety nut for push applications
• Single or parallel drive
• Duty cycle: Max. 10 % or 2 minutes continuous
use followed by 19 minutes not in use
• Ambient temperature +5°C to +40°C
• Compatible with FLC CBD4, CBD5 or
CBD6 control boxes and FLB controls
• Approved according to EN 60335-1
• Approved according to UL 962
• Storage and transport temperature: -20 °C to
+ 70 °C


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Delivery includes

The linear actuator FL10 is a very quiet and powerful linear actuator that has been developed for various applications table - of kitchen applications to industrial workbenches. Because it is compact, it is also a small area space. The FL10 can be used either individually or in parallel.

Up to 10 years manufacturer warranty!

Up to 10 years manufacturer warranty!

Flatlift offers a 10 year guarantee starting at the silver series.

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